What is it?

Genetisys is a revolutionary genetic test that takes the guess work out of trying new medications. Trying to find the right medication to suit the needs of an individual can be a difficult process, and when dealing with serious medical conditions such as psychiatric disorders or pain management, finding a prescription that is effective quickly is crucial. However, differences in the way that people metabolize medications can make it difficult to predict how well a patient will respond to a drug, and can lead patients and their families down a challenging and frustrating road of trial and error in an attempt to find the best suited treatment. Clinical studies have shown that approximately 30% of people carry a variant gene that alters the rate at which they metabolize prescribed drugs used to treat numerous conditions, including cardiac disease, pain management, psychiatric disorders, gastric ulcers, reflux, and diabetes. People with this genetic predisposition are eight times more likely to experience adverse reactions or lack of efficacy with a prescription.

This genetic test is a once in a lifetime comprehensive test that provides a blueprint of how the individual person is able to metabolize any medication by identifying metabolic and inherited biomarkers. Because your genetics never change, this test is only necessary to take once and the results will remain relevant for an entire lifetime of medical treatments. Genetisys can help patients save time and money wasted trying to find a prescription that suits their specific needs.

How does it work?

This one time test can be preformed in our facilities in a matter of minutes. A patient specimen will be obtained by a nurse with a simple swab of the inside of the patient’s cheek. The sample is then sent to a CLIA-accredited molecular diagnostic lab, where it will undergo analysis. Once assessed, a comprehensive panel is compiled using state of the art microarray DNA analyzers. This analysis containing information on the individual’s ability to metabolize every medication is sent to the Osmolarity Lab’s medical director, and an appointment will be scheduled for him to review all results with the patient and to create a plan of how to proceed with this new information.

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