Infrared Sauna

What is it?

Experience a multitude of benefits by using infrared sauna therapy. Saunas utilize high temperatures to produce a short-term state of hyperthermia, which causes perspiration and tells the body to work harder and react advantageously. Unlike a traditional sauna, which only reaches skin deep and requires high temperatures up to 190˚F to see results, our far-infrared sauna uses infrared light, an invisible portion of the sun’s spectrum, to penetrate deep into the tissue and provide greater results at a lower temperature around 120˚F. This allows for a more enjoyable and tolerable experience while obtaining more optimal results.

Our infrared sauna contains near-zero electromagnetic field (EMF) heat emitters, reducing the risks associated with older infrared saunas and allowing the participant to get safe, effective treatment. Additionally, far infrared wavelengths are naturally radiated by the body and provide a therapeutic experience without the worry.



  • Improved cardiovascular health - decreases risk of fatal cardiac incidents, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease by decreasing blood pressure and increasing blood vessel diameter

  • Enhanced cardiovascular performance – Increases oxygen consumption and red blood cell production with the same efficacy as performance enhancing drugs

  • Detoxification – Utilizes a major detox organ, the skin, to sweat and expel heavy metals and toxins stored in fat cells by causing lipolysis and uses heat shock proteins to combat harmful environmental toxins and conditions

  • Better sleep – Improves due to tension and chronic pain relief and enhanced stress resilience

  • Muscle repair and recovery – Proven that 30 minutes of infrared sauna use increases blood flow to skeletal muscles and elevates the growth hormone

  •   Muscle gain and fat loss – Promoted by improved insulin sensitivity and decreased muscle protein catabolism and is known to improve metabolism

  • Arthritis and muscle pain relief – Increases mobility due to a release of anti-inflammatory compounds and a release of pain-killing endorphins caused by positive stress

  • Improved immune health – Sauna use stimulates the immune system, reducing incidences of the cold or flu by 30%

  • Enriched skin health – In contrast to sun exposure, sweating from sauna use increased rate of white blood cell replacement, removes bacteria from sweat ducts, and increases capillary circulation

  • Benefits cognitive function – Creates brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) stimulating growth of new brain cells, supports focus and attention ability, and encourages myelin growth and allows the brain to work faster


Single Session - $30

Cryotherapy Add-On Session - $20


4 Sessions - $99 | 10 Sessions - $175 | 20 Sessions - $299

1 Week Unlimited - $99 | 1 Month Unlimited - $199

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