Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

Our IV therapy addresses a wide range of focuses to bring natural solutions for a variety of needs. We utilize high quality vitamins specifically combined to give optimal results for the recipient.

IVs and Injections available by appointment only. Call (951) 394-COLD


IV Drips

Myer's Cocktail

Our most popular IV, the Myer's cocktail is packed with vitamins and nutrients and is perfect for fighting an incoming illness or maintaining good health on a regular basis or in times of high stress. Available in a 250ml, 500ml, or 1L bag.


Repair & Restore

This IV has everything you need to get back on your feet and feeling your best. The Repair & Restore IV contains the most vitamins of all of the IVs we offer and will leave you feeling brand new. Available in 500ml or 1L bag.



The specific combination of vitamins in this IV aid in metabolic function and fat loss. See best results with a pack of four sessions or more.    Available in 250ml and 500ml bag.



The anti-anxiety IV consists of a specific combination of vitamins that allow the body to rid itself of built up stress and help you to unwind. Available in a 1L bag.



The perfect remedy for a late night out, this IV is full of everything you need to get back on your feet by supplying the body with hydration and providing relief for aches and pains. Available in a 1L bag. 



Let beauty radiate from the inside out with this IV. Our beauty bag gives the body the tools it needs to look and feel younger and healthier. Available in a 250ml bag.



Looking to hydrate the body quickly without all of the bells and whistles? Enjoy a hydration IV containing purely saline solution. Available in a 1L bag.


Our iron infusion is a great way to quickly boost iron levels in the body and to boost energy levels.



This IV contains powerful peptides that help you find relief for a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, concussions, and overall mood enhancement. Available in a 1L bag.


Add-on Boosts

Vitamin Boost: Add up to three vitamin boosts to your IV including glutathione, MIC, trace minerals, and taurine.

Hydration Boost: Upgrade to a larger IV bag for optimum hydration



An antioxidant great for fighting oxidative stress.


Vitamin D3

Supports immune functions and bone health. A great booster for anyone who is not able to get regular sun exposure.



For energy production and mood enhancement. We use only methylcobalamin, the only non-synthetic form of B12.


B12 & MIC

These nutrients work together to give you a boost of energy. MIC is also great for weight loss.


Metabolic Kick (B12/MIC/B Complex)

The combination of these three nutrients is ideal for keeping the body fueled and energized. B Complex assists with processes throughout the body.