Medical Aesthetics

Our selection of products are designed to suit the needs of the client and will have you looking your best.

Medical Aesthetics are by appointment only. Call (951) 394-COLD



For lessening the appearance of facial wrinkles. One Botox session lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months.



This dermal filler brings fullness to the lips and nasolabial folds without interfering with facial movement and expression. This product lasts up to 18 months in the face or lips.



Volbella is a noninvasive filler that adds fullness to the lips while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. This product lasts up to 1 year.



The goal with this product is to restore facial volume and leave the face looking natural and youthful. It is commonly used to shape the cheekbones and add definition to the face. Voluma lasts 2 years in the face.



This treatment destroys the fat cells beneath the chin and keeps the fat away without need for surgery. Great for those who have tried everything to get rid of stubborn fat in this region.